Julián Gorospe

Julián Gorospe

STYLE India Pale Ale
IBU* 70
MALT Pale & Crystal
HOP Simcoe


Orange gold color and medium carbonation.


Immediately exhibits its lupulating nuances, where a full shades of grapefruit, you can also distinguish mango, flowers and herbal notes.


In the mouth it enters clean and silky, without the presence of residual sugars so that the wild pine again develops and reintegrates the citrus character of grapefruit. Giving space for a stringy bitterness and with a character that lasts for a long time that evokes an moderate astringency, delivering a precise finish of the caramel sweetness of the malt.


It is a scale for measuring the perception of beer bitterness.
As a guide:
From 5 to 20 little bit bitter
From 21 to 35 bitter
From 36 to 50 pretty bitter
More than 50 very bitter

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